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Accounting Software

Finding the right system to suit your particular needs can be tricky. Not to mention having the system installed, learning how to use it and making sure you have reliable technical back-up.

We can advise you on the best accounting system - manual or computerised - for your business and help you set it up.

For our smaller clients we have an online bookkeeping system called iCash, which means records can be updated from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet link. At our end we can monitor the records and give you the assurance that there are no shocks in the system when it comes to your year end and that everything is under control.

For our trading businesses and Not for Profit organisations we are very familiar with Sage, Access Accounting, Mind Your Own Business and TASS Books. We are Sage Registered Resellers.

One of our specific areas of specialism is to help organisations develop clear reporting mechanisms using their accounting software. Sometimes this involves building links with other software such as Access and Excel so that there is accurate, up to date and relevant information to help guide the organisation.

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You are Not a Number

"I just wanted to say thank you for all your help recently and to the girls in the office where nothing is too much trouble."

- Corporate Client.

"We were very impressed with your audit team. Everything went very smoothly and the points you raised were extremely helpful to the board."

- National Charity.

"We were unsure about coming across to you, since we had been with our existing accountant for so many years. What I now regret is the fact that we didn't make the move earlier. It was easier than I anticipated and the level of service we now get is like nothing we have had in the past."

- Corporate Client.

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